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Strukow  Valery  Tuba  Concerto  Tu15

Valery Strukow


for tuba and symphony orchestra

Level: advanced
Duration: 18'


I. Allegro Maestoso  I. Allegro Maestoso

II. Lento Elegiaco  II. Lento Elegiaco

III. Vivo Scherzando  III. Vivo Scherzando

TU15a - Piano reduction (solo part included)
TU15b - Orchestra score
TU15c - Orchestra parts
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This concerto is a concertante work for the traditional audience, but without technical or musical concessions for the tuba. The structure is inspired by the classical sonata, with a main theme and a lyrical part which intertwine. The motives are developed in the cadenza. The technical and musical ressources of the soloist are confronted, treated here as a concertante partner.

Instrumentation - 2.1. (btb).0. - timp, perc, hp - strings
I. Allegro maestoso
II. Lento elegiaco
III. Vivo scherzando
Editions Bim
Valery Strukow

Valery Strukow (1937-2005)

Val­ery Struk­ow was born March 10th, 1937 in Rus­sia and stud­ied at the Moscow Mu­sic Col­lege with Theo­dor Gut­mann (pi­a­no) and Aram Khatch­a­tu­rian (com­po­si­tion). He lived in Berlin and Moscow. His works in­clude a con­cer­to for pi­a­no and symphony or­ches­tra, a Con­cer­to for tuba and symphony or­ches­tra, a concerto for trumpet and... Read more