About us

Editions Bim, a family enterprise


The current Editions Bim catalog is the result of a long and careful selection of pedagogical books designed by renowned masters.

It also includes a large selection of works written by composers chosen for the originality and the quality of their musical creativity.

Philosophy (… treasure hunting)

Editions Bim is motivated by musical curiosity, research, and the discovery of new works (or pedagogies), providing a varied and interesting repertoire.

Brief History

In 1969, the company began with the development of a huge typed compilation of works for brass instruments extracted from publisher’s catalogs collected worldwide.

Thousands of publications were thus listed. A room was rented in Moudon (canton of Vaud, Switzerland) and the enterprise was named « Bureau d’Informations Musicales » which later became Editions Bim. The original BIM first functioned as a music library with a mail order distribution service that rapidly developed internationally. By the end of 1971, two years after opening of the Bureau d’Informations Musicales, Brass Bulletin «International Chronicle for Brass Players» was launched. The first issues (in French, German and English), with a print run of 5000 copies) was distributed in the fall of 1971 to brass players in the four corners of the world. The success was immediate and the publication endured for 32 years (124 issues and subscribers in 80 countries) until 2003, creating a global network that still benefits Editions Bim.

The first musical editions (including the famous Warm-ups by James Stamp) were released in 1977. In March 1993 the decision was made to shutter the music distribution library in order to concentrate on the development of Bim Editions, and for ten more years, to the publication of Brass Bulletin. In 1999, Editions Bim acquired The Brass Press from the excellent American publisher Steve Glover, thus consolidating our networks in the United States.

Since 2003, our catalog has been expanded to include music for all instruments (with the brass retaining a privileged place).

In 2019, Editions Bim will celebrate 50 years of existence in the service of music and musicians.

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