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Jean-François Michel (*1957)


Jean-François Michel

Jean-François Michel, born in Switzerland in 1957 into a family of musicians, studied from 1965 to 1976 at the Fribourg Conservatoire in (Switzerland). In 1975 he was awarded the Bronze Medal at the International Music Competition in Geneva and, a year later, he was appointed Principal Trumpet of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra (Germany) where he remained until 1986 when he was appointed professor at the Conservatoire in Fribourg where he still holds the position within the professional organisation of HEMU (Haute-Ecole de Musique) of Lausanne-Fribourg-Sion. He performs as soloist and chamber musician and gives masterclasses in many European countries as well as in Japan, Brazil and Argentina.

His works are being performed and recorded worldwide with great success and, gradually, composing is becoming his major activity. His artistic vein and expressive authenticity are found throughout his wide-ranging catalogue of works, from contemporary to popular, and also in his inspirational teaching.

Jean-François Michel has written numerous works for well-known soloists and ensembles as well as for international competitions including Porcia, Italy, Geneva, Switzerland; Markneukirchen, Germany. In 2012 Editions BIM became his publishers.



Euphonium Concerto
for euphonium and brass band or piano

I. Moderato (BB)
II. Adagio (BB)
III. Presto (BB)
I. Moderato (pno)
II. Adagio (pno)
III. Presto (pno)

for trumpet, trombone and wind band

ENS215e Eastwind

Far West
for wind band or brass band

Far West

for brass quintet


for trumpet and piano


Jeux d’enfants
for flute and piano

Jeux d'enfants

3 Bagatelles
for clarinet and piano

3 Bagatelles

2 Scenes
for flute and piano

I. On The Lake
II. Highlands Dance