Michel Jean Francois Intrada And Choral Brb12
Jean-François Michel
Intrada and Choral
for brass band
intermediate Duration: 4'30 Collection Jean-François Michel Swiss Composers Series

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Jean-François Michel

Jean-François Michel (*1957)

Jean-François Michel, born in Switzerland in 1957 into a family of musicians, studied from 1965 to 1976 at the Fribourg Conservatoire in (Switzerland). In 1975 he was awarded the Bronze Medal at the International Music Competition in Geneva and, a year later, he was appointed Principal Trumpet of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra (Germany) where he remained until 1986 when he was appointed...
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About Intrada and Choral

A solemn piece ideal for a concert opening

Utilizing his own inimitable musical lexicon, Jean-François MIchel dedicates this work to the historically great masters of such ceremonial music: Samuel Scheidt, Johann Pezel and their peers, with an implied acknowledgement to the Venetian, Giovanni Gabrieli, for the antiphonic Choral.

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Soprano Cornet Eb, Solo cornet 1 Bb, Repiano Cornet Bb, Cornet 2 Bb, Cornet 3 Bb, Flügelhorn Bb, Alto Eb solo, Alto 1 Eb, Alto 2 Eb, Baritone 1 Bb, Baritone 2 Bb, Trombone 1 Bb, Trombone 2 Bb, Bass Trombone, Euphonium Bb, Bass Eb, Bass Bb, Timpani, Batterie, Percussions, Xylophone
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