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Michel Jean Francois Evocations Tp344

Jean-François Michel

for trumpet and organ

  • Level: intermediate
  • Duration: 10'
  • Genre: contemporary
  • Composed: 2014

Reference: TP344


  • Instrumentation:

    trumpet (C or Bb) and organ

  • Published: 2015
  • Publisher: Editions Bim
  • Movements:
    • Introduction (2')
    • Evocation I (3'30)
    • Evocation II (4'30)


Jean-François Michel

Jean-François Michel (*1957)

Jean-François Michel, born in Switzerland in 1957 into a family of musicians, studied from 1965 to 1976 at the Fribourg Conservatoire in (Switzerland). In 1975 he was awarded the Bronze Medal at th... Read more

About Evocations

Peaceful and spiritual listening

The calm musical interrogative calls of the Introduction serve as invitations to peaceful and spiritual listening. Evocation I is inspired by the Gregorian Chants as introduced into the liturgy by Pope Gregory I during the 6th century. Evocation II begins with an exhilarating melody which serves as a case for the chorale of the Cantata 93 by J.S. Bach “Who only lets dear God rule”, the words of which delivering a message that engenders confidence. The intimate voice of the trumpet (with soft mute) whispers slow and simple notes over appeasing chords within the final measures of the work.