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Brass Bulletin No 50 1985
Brass Bulletin
N° 50, II - 1985
International Magazine for Brass Players
Brass Bulletin, International Magazine for Brass Players
50, II - 1985

Out of print

Author Title Page
Jean-Pierre Mathez Editorial 06-07
K. A. Wilke Lithography, Vienna 1910 10207
P. Pilt Rehearsal of young musicians [Wood cut, Germany, around 1880] 104
Wolfgang G. Haas Gravestone of the field trumpeter Johann KAUFFMANN (1585-1634?) 106-107
Anonyme Gretl Götze on a postcard [around 1925]. 108
Benny Sluchin Interview with Michel BECQUET (*1954) 11-16
Stephan Suter Instrument Makers in USA I 18-21
Michel Laplace Aimé BARELLI (*1917) - Trumpet crooner 22-29
Jeffrey Agrell Peter GORDON - Jazz and the Horn 31-34
Michel Laplace The trombone in Jazz and Popular Music I 36-40
David Fetter Joannès ROCHUT (1881-1952) - Trombonist of the Boston symphony Orchestra 41-49
Albert Hiller The posthorn of the 19th-century Royal P.O. in the service of folk music 52-65
Edouard Gros How and why I became a musician I 69-73
Jean-Pierre Mathez Friedemann IMMER (*1948) - A new Trumpet 76-79
Jean-Pierre Mathez A Little Trumpet Music 81-83

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