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Helena Winkelman (*1974)


Helena Winkelman

Helena Winkelman (b. 1974) is a Swiss composer and violinist. She showed an exceptional musical talent very early. Having won national and international violin competitions at a young age, she has become a composer with an own distinct voice.

Her interest in jazz and renaissance music had her start composing in a postmodernist way, using different styles of music and switching procedures to create an extremely vital music full of humor and irony. Her interest in Swiss folk music and a great admiration for Indian music can also be traced in her music.

Her recent discovery of spectralism in works by Gerard Grisey, Georg Friedrich Haas and George Benjamin has fuelled the tireless artistic reinvention of forms and sounds she chooses to work with.


Icaros Concerto
for solo trumpet, strings and percussion

I. Memories in a Labyrinth
II. On the Ecstasy of Flight
III. Lament

Simmelibärg-Suite 6 new pieces based on well-known Swiss folk songs
for accordion and chamber orchestra

1. Luegid Vo Bärg Und Tal
2. Quodlibet
3. Du Fragsch Mi Wär i Bi
4. S'isch Äbe ne Mönsch uf Ärde
5. Zogä n'am Bogä
6. Meiteli wänn Du witt wo tanze

for piano


Sami’s piece
for piano

Sami's Piece

Gemini Concerto 11 short scenes in three movements
for 2 violins and orchestra

1. Worlds Apart
3. Magnets
4. Binary Stars
5. Let's Get Drunk Together
9. Battleships
10. Partners In Crime

for chamber ensemble


for violin solo


Rondo mit einem Januskopf
for violin and violoncello

Rondo mit einem Januskopf