Valery Strukow

Strukow  Valery  Tuba  Concerto  Tu15

for tuba and symphony orchestra

Strukow  Valery  Elegie  Tu24

for tuba and piano

Strukow  Valery  Trio  Co43

for oboe, horn and piano

Strukow  Valery  Tuba  Quartet  Tu14

Tuba Quartett
for tuba quartet

Valery Strukow

Valery Strukow (1937-2005)

Val­ery Struk­ow was born March 10th, 1937 in Rus­sia and stud­ied at the Moscow Mu­sic Col­lege with Theo­dor Gut­mann (pi­a­no) and Aram Khatch­a­tu­rian (com­po­si­tion). He lived in Berlin and Moscow.

His works in­clude a con­cer­to for pi­a­no and symphony or­ches­tra, a Con­cer­to for tuba and symphony or­ches­tra, a concerto for trumpet and string orchestra, the opera “Maria Stuart” (on F. Schiller’s text), a tuba quar­tet, a Trio for oboe, horn and piano, a ten-part Brass-Suite, “Russian Miniatures” for string quar­tet, sev­er­al sym­phon­ic poems and suites for orchestra, nu­mer­ous works for or­gan, piano (a.o. 12 Preludes),for oth­er in­stru­ments and for voice. Valery Strukow died in 2005.

for tuba and symphony orchestra

I. Allegro Maestoso I. Allegro Maestoso

II. Lento Elegiaco II. Lento Elegiaco

III. Vivo Scherzando III. Vivo Scherzando