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Neruda Jan Krtitel Jiri Concerto For Trumpet Tp32

Jan Krtitel Jiri Neruda

Concerto in Eb Major

for trumpet and string orchestra

TP32a Piano reduction (solo part included) - CHF29.00 (Print)

  • Arranger: Joan Retzke, Edward H. Tarr
  • Level: intermediate / advanced
  • Duration: 14'
  • Genre: baroque
  • Composed: c. 1750

Jan Krtitel Jiri Neruda (1708-1780)

Jan Kltitel Jili Neruda – his forenames mean John the Baptist George – received his education in Prague and for a time played the violin in a theater orchestra there, as did his elder brother by ab... Read more

About Concerto in Eb Major

This Concerto in E flat for horn displays the breath-taking range from c’’ to g’’’. It has, then, more or less the same range as Joseph Haydn’s trumpet concerto. Therefore, Neruda’s concerto is eminently suited for performance as a trumpet concerto and has already been accepted as such into the repertoire.

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