Weiser  Mark  Lanz  Flash  Sax17
Mark Lanz Weiser
for soprano saxophone and piano
advanced Duration: 15'

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Mark Lanz Weiser

Mark Lanz Weiser (*1968)

Originally from eastern Pennsylvania, USA, Mark Lanz Weiser, born in 1968, holds degrees in composition and piano performance from the Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University. Weiser discovered a passion for composing while taking music theory courses at Peabody and began writing seriously by his junior year. At that time Weiser composed a song cycle using poetry of Wilfred Owen and...
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About Flash

Each of the four movements of Flash represents a different musical impression of the word flash, and the titles of each movement (Blink, Sparkle, Blaze, Shimmer) are themselves synonyms. The music exploits the entire range of the soprano saxophone and in the first three movements uses a dense musical vocabulary that is at different times jocular, taunting, whimsical, and aggressive. The last movement (Shimmer) acts as a contrast to the preceding three in a quiet setting of a lyric saxophone melody supported by high, staggered chords in the piano.

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Editions Bim
1. Blink (2')
2. Sparkle (3')
3. Blaze (4')
4. Shimmer (6')


  • April 30, 2017 | Hear Now 2017 | Los Angeles, USA. .

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