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Lukas Zdenek Trumpet Concerto Tp227

Zdenek Lukas

Trumpet Concerto

for trumpet and orchestra

Level: advanced
Duration: 15'

  L. Zdenek Trumpet Concerto - score

  L. Zdenek Trumpet Concerto - piano reduction

  L. Zdenek Trumpet Concerto - trumpet part

I. Andante  I. Andante

II. Allegro  II. Allegro

III. Lento - Allegro con moto  III. Lento - Allegro con moto

TP227a Piano reduction (solo part included)
TP227b Orchestra score
TP227c Orchestra parts
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TP227d Study score

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In this Concerto, Zdenek Lukas places deft mastery of orchestration at the service of a vivacious creative impulse. Double woodwinds plus piccolo (3-2-2-2), judiciously reduced brasses (4-0-0-0), and 5 tamburi (tom-toms), to which cymbals, tam-tam, claves, and triangle are sparingly added, augment a full string section that provides the backbone of the accompaniment. Together they weave an aural tapestry of uncommon suppleness in both dynamics and orchestra-soloist balance, allowing the graciously virtuosic and often somewhat surprising dialogue of the solo trumpet to emerge effortlessly in relief. It's a multifaceted and satisfying piece that delivers a compelling musical message.

I never compose music for my own sake. My scores derive their fundamental inspiration from the musicians to whom they are dedicated ; and it's their artistry, above all else, that I seek to display.

Zdenek Lukas

Instrumentation - - percussion - strings
I. Andante (5')
II. Allegro (5')
III. Lento, Allegro con moto (5')
Editions Bim
Zdenek Lukas

Zdenek Lukas (1928-2007)

Zdenek Lukas, born 1928 in Prague (Czech Republic) is one of the most prolific czech composer (over 330 opus). During the 1960s, after having been working as musical editor and program director at the National Broadcasting Company and as a conductor of one of the most famous choirs in the country (Cecka písen), he studied composition with Miloslav... Read more

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