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Charriere Caroline Le Temps ORCH65

Caroline Charrière

Le Temps


for string orchestra

ORCH65b Orchestra score - CHF55.00 (Print)

  • Duration: 17'30
  • Genre: contemporary
  • Series: Swiss Composers Series
  • Composed: 2005/2007
Caroline Charrière

Caroline Charrière (1960-2018)

Born 1960 in Fribourg (Switzerland), Caroline Charrière has accomplished flute studies at the Lausanne Conservatory (with Pierre Wavre) and completed them with Aurèle Nicolet and at the Royal North... Read more

About Le Temps

About the movements of the suite «Le Temps» (The Time)

Kronos… First I thought about a more peaceful sounding work with a title like «The Delights of Time». Then the piece changed slowly. A fast, dissonant sequence slipped into the middle of the movement and the beginning became dull, menacing together with the new title: Kronos, assimilated to god Cronos (or Saturn) but becoming the god of Time who devours his children.

L’attente (The Expectation) illustrating the second movement also appeared after the composition was finished, expressing at first quiet, even good-heartedness moods before impatience, irritation and hope begin to interfere. Alas, nothing happens, and no one arrives.

The third movement, L’urgence (The Emergency), rushes through the piece, with febrility and extreme agitation.

La nuit (The Night), the fourth movement, is expressing a feeling of infinity. Calm, soothing, suspended music.

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