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Balissat Jean Sinfonietta Orch56

Jean Balissat


for string orchestra

Duration: 21'
Swiss Composers Series


I. Largamente Allegro Moderato Ma Deciso  I. Largamente Allegro Moderato Ma Deciso

II. Scherzo  II. Scherzo

III. Adagio Espressivo  III. Adagio Espressivo

IV. Vivo  IV. Vivo

ORCH56b - Orchestra score
ORCH56c - Orchestra parts
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About the Sinfonietta

This work is rather symptomatic of my composing manner: a string orchestra which I use in a most traditional way. No mute effect, no glissandi... The ideas, as well as the procedure of the work are classic. The first movement is an Allegro in Sonata form, the second a Scherzo with one unique theme. The third movement is much more developed: it is an Adagio whose exposition was at the origin planned for a Ballade for viola and orchestra. It remains only the viola theme at the beginning. The last movement is a Rondo. Jean Balissat

I. Largamente - Allegro moderato ma deciso (6'19)
II. Scherzo (2'40)
III. Adagio espressivo (7'35)
IV. Vivo (3'14)
Editions Bim
Jean Balissat

Jean Balissat (1936-2007)

Jean Balissat was born in 1936 in Lausanne (Switzerland), and was drawn straight away to composing and conducting. He studied harmony and counterpoint in Lausanne, before taking composition, orchestration and conducting in Geneva. In order to gain a better understanding of the orchestra, he also studied horn and percussion. As orchestral director... Read more