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Masson Askell Fron Orch49
Áskell Másson
for symphony orchestra
Duration: 7'

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Áskell Másson

Áskell Másson (*1953)

Played by the best orchestras, ensembles and soloists, his music reflects a powerful sense of drama. The variety of rhythms and sounds, the combination of lyrical and percussive moments, give to his compositions a unique intensity. Áskell Másson (b. 21. November 1953) is amongst Iceland´s leading composers. With a varied background as a woodwind player and percussionist, he was...
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About Frón

Fragments from Icelandic folk songs

Frón means Iceland, and this work is based on fragments from Icelandic folk songs. The opening trumpet statement thus includes fragments from three of the oldest known Icelandic melodies and these are also the ones most frequently referred to in the work. Frón was commissioned by the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra for their tour of Germany in December 2003.

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Instrumentation - - percussion, timpani, harp, celesta - strings
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  • October 22, 2017 | Akureyri, Iceland. Sinfonia North, Petri Sakari (conductor).

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