Brass Bulletin No 100 1997

Brass Bulletin

N° 100, IV - 1997

International Magazine for Brass Players

Brass Bulletin
Out of print

Jean-Pierre Mathez
Editorial (page 03-07)
Dr. Toshio Nemoto
Dental Clinic for Wind Players (X) (page 102-104)
Javier Bonet Manrique
Classical, baroque horn or corno da tirarsi? (page 20-30)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Passau, a competition out of the ordinary (page 34-44)
Jovan Samonikov
The last lesson (page 46-56)
Jean-Christophe Wiener
James Stamp Master in listening (I) (page 59-65)
Babette Wackernagel
1997 Women’s Brass Conference (page 68-71)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Experimental musical institutions (John Marcellus) (page 73-81)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Paris, 3rd international “Maurice André” trumpet competition 1997 (page 8-14)
Jean-Pierre MathezSteven Mead
Guebwiller France, World competition for tuba & euphonium (page 84-92)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Quintette Magnifica, flowers in the Bell! (page 96-99)
Brass Bulletin, International Magazine for Brass Players
100, IV - 1997