Brass Bulletin No 101 1998

Brass Bulletin

N° 101, I - 1998

International Magazine for Brass Players
BB101 - English / French / German
BB101ie - Italiano / Español

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John WallaceJohn Humphries
Editorial (page 05-09)
Christopher HornAmos Miller
Modern British composers & British brass playing (page 104-109)
David Gordon ShuteJohn Wallace
Brass in British culture - is it extinct? (page 112-117)
Anneke ScottRobert SamuelJohn Wallace
Brass chamber music in Britain (page 120-124)
Chritopher Mowat
Brass ensemble music piblications from GB (page 127-129)
Jean-Christophe Wiener
James Stamp Master in listening (II) (page 135-141)
Philip Maund
The Black Dyke Band’s appointement (page 14-22)
Leyla GuinesJohn Wallace
The present student & professor population at the RAM (page 24-28)
John Humphries
Brass in Britain from the earliest times (page 37-40)
John Humphries
The Royal Academy of Music and its tradition (page 42-52)
Jonathan Freeman-Attwood
Putting the Brit into Brass (page 54-60)
John Humphries
John Smithies, trombonist & enigma (page 62-64)
John Wallace
Erotico-satirical drawings - Thomas Rowlandson (page 65-71)
John Humphries
The Dennis & Aubrey Brain chairs of horn playing (page 73-75)
John Hutchins
Thomas Harper Jr travelling through time (page 78-82)
Bradley Strauchen
Giovanni Puzzi: a yardstick for horn playing in 19th century Britain (page 84-89)
John Webb
British Brass Makers (page 91-100)
Brass Bulletin, International Magazine for Brass Players
101, I - 1998