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Brass Bulletin No 107 1999

Brass Bulletin N° 107

International Magazine for Brass Players

Reference: BB107
BB107 | English / French / German

Jean-Pierre Mathez
Editorial (page 07-11)
Dr. Toshio Nemoto
Dental Clinic for Wind Players (XVI) (page 112-113)
Alexeï Levachkine
A short history of the tuba in Russia (I) (page 18-25)
Jean-Christophe Wiener
James Stamp Master in listening (VIII - end) (page 28-32)
Max Sommerhalder
Pilisvörösvar - 1st international competition for trumpet (page 34-38)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Christian Lindberg, trombone on fire (page 40-48)
Javier Bonet Manrique
The horn in Madrid in the 18th century (Part 2) (page 50-60)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Kelly Anne Parkes, Australian, woman, trumpeter (page 65-69)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Werkstatt & Musikhaus Schagerl (page 70-80)
Raymond Lapie
The trombone according to orchestration treatises (France 1700-1914 / 2nd part) (page 84-93)
Igor Krivokapic
Brass music in Slovenia (II) (page 96-105)