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Brass Bulletin No 118 2002
Brass Bulletin
N° 118, II - 2002
International Magazine for Brass Players
Brass Bulletin, International Magazine for Brass Players
118, II - 2002

BB118 - English / French / German

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BB118i - Italiano

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Author Title Page
Jean-Pierre Mathez Editorial 007-013
Brass Bulletin In brief 018-025
Thomas Stevens Credit to the non-participants 028-029
Hal Oringer For the love of Besson trumpets 030-033
Susan Williams The natural trumpet a natural approach 034-038
Géry Dumoulin A look at the evolution of the valved cornet and its repertoire (I) 040-048
Sabina Pade The modern concert hall (3rd part) - The Trumpet Echo 052-057
Jean-Pierre Mathez Spanish Brass “Luur Metalls”, Friendship, talent, and le feu sacré... 060-072
Spanish Brass Luur Metalls The art of chamber music (4), Rehearsal technique of Spanish Brass Luur Metalls 074-075
Michel Ricquier Self control - Part 5 (end), Stage fright and subliminal messaging 076-078
Horst Rapp An instrumental player’s early years, 4 - The opinion of an expert 080-082
Dr. Toshio Nemoto A medical study of the sound emitting apparatus of brass players (21) 084-085
Dr. Med. Joachim E. Lahme Instrumental performance and the bodily motor system 086-089
Steven Mead Concerts in Russia, The tale of a memorable voyage, by English euphonium virtuoso Steven Mead 092-098
Brass Bulletin Agenda 100-103
Brass Bulletin Competitions 2002-2007 104-105
Brass Bulletin Letters 108-109
Denis Wedgewood From a Designer’s Diary 110-115
Brass Bulletin Compact Discs 122-127
Brass Bulletin Music - Books 129-131

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