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Brass Bulletin No 119 2002

Brass Bulletin N° 119

International Magazine for Brass Players

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Jean-Pierre Mathez
Editorial (page 007-011)
Brass Bulletin
In brief (page 014-19)
Thomas Stevens
Feelings (page 022-023)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
The remarkable achievements of trumpet player Jan Hasenöhrl (page 024-030)
Géry Dumoulin
A look at the evolution of the valved cornet and its repertoire (II) (page 032-041)
Edward H. Tarr
Bach and the Others: Eighteenth-Century Trumpeter-Hornists (I) (page 044-055)
Ken Shifrin
The solo trombone of the bohemian Baroque (1) (page 058-067)
Sabina Pade
The modern concert hall - part 4/end: Spreading walls, shrinking sound (page 070-075)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Shuko Kuramoto - Fairy magic on the tuba (page 076-082)
James Thompson
An instrumental player’s early years - 5 - The opinion of an expert (page 086-088)
Dr. Toshio Nemoto
A medical study of the sound emitting apparatus of brass players - part 22: Having wisdom teeth extracted (page 090-093)
Dr. Med. Urban Diethelm
Feeling Pain while playing a musical instrument - part I (page 096-098)
Zdenek Divoky
Investing in musical excellence - Hornclass international 2001 (page 100-104)
Brass Bulletin
Competitions 2002-2007 (page 106-107)
Jeremy Mathez
Internatioanl Competition for Trombone Branimir Slokar - 2002, Grenchen (Switzerland) (page 108-110)
Brass Bulletin
Agenda (page 112)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Birth of a new brand name in brass instruments - Stomvi (page 114-118)
Brass Bulletin
Equipment (page 120-123)
Brass Bulletin
Compact Discs (page 124-127)
Brass Bulletin
Music - Books (page 128)