Brass Bulletin No 12 1975

Brass Bulletin

N° 12, III - 1975

International Magazine for Brass Players

Brass Bulletin
Out of print

James Fulkerson
Indeterminate instrumentation: A Way of extending technic (tb) (page 05-07)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Editorial (page 05-07)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
J.B.ARBAN [1825-1889] Biography IV - The conflict (page 08-18)
Jack Hall
The saga of the cornet and six of its outstanding artists (page 19-35)
Bernhard Krol
Why pretend to be Mozart? (page 36-45)
Robert Ischer
Savoir de quelle note on parle [only in French] (page 46-47)
Brass Bulletin, International Magazine for Brass Players
12, III - 1975