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Brass Bulletin No 120 2002

Brass Bulletin N° 120, IV - 2002

International Magazine for Brass Players

BB120 | English / French / German - CHF18.00 (Print)

Jean-Pierre Mathez
Editorial (page 007-013)
Brass Bulletin
In brief (page 020-025)
Thomas Stevens
Marketing - One musician’s story (page 026-027)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Jon Sass - a giant tuba, a giant on the tuba (page 030-035)
Edward H. Tarr
Bach and the Others: Eighteenth-Century Trumpeter-Hornists (II / end) (page 038-047)
Ken Shifrin
The solo trombone of the bohemian baroque (2) (page 048-054)
Géry Dumoulin
A look at the evolution of the valved cornet and its repertoire (III - end) (page 056-062)
Stanley Friedman
The Composer Adrift (page 064-067)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Mnozil Brass - Virtuosos of Satire (page 070-071)
Wilfried Brandstötter
Mnozil Brass - Who is, what is? (page 072-081)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Niklas Eklund - Ambassador for the historical trumpet (page 082-089)
James Thompson
The instruental player’s maintenance and development - 6 - the opinion of an expert (page 092-095)
Dr. Med. Urban Diethelm
Feeling pain while playing a musical instrument (2) (page 098-100)
Brass Bulletin
Competitions 2003-2007 (page 102-103)
Brass Bulletin
Agenda (page 104-105)
Franz-Josef Kröger
Kröger Trumpets - From the hands of a master (page 106-111)
Jeffrey Agrell
The Future of the Past - Interview with Richard Seraphinoff, player, teacher and horn maker (page 112-118)
Brass Bulletin
Equipment (page 120-123)
Brass Bulletin
Compact Discs (page 126-129)
Brass Bulletin
Music - Books (page 130-131)

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