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Brass Bulletin No 122 2003

Brass Bulletin N° 122, II - 2003

International Magazine for Brass Players

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BB122 | English / French / German

Jean-Pierre Mathez
Editorial (page 007-011)
Brass Bulletin
Letters (page 016-019)
Brass Bulletin
In Brief (page 022-025)
Thomas Stevens
“Rienzi” at la Scala (page 028-030)
Otto Ottone
Big discovery in Italy! Perfection for everyone! (page 031-031)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
How dared they say that... (page 032-033)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Bruno Schneider - For the love of Music! (page 036-043)
William E. Runyan
Keyed and valved bugles, cornets and trumpets in french grand opera (page 046-059)
Verena Jakobsen
Adolf Scherbaum (1909-2000) - Trailblazer of the classical solo trumpet (page 062-074)
Joshua Fineberg
Classical music: Why bother? (II, end) (page 078-084)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Jean-François Madeuf - Breathing new life into the historical trumpet (page 086-093)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Ernie Hammes - Jazz in his blood (page 096-101)
James Thompson
The instrumental player’s maintenance and development - 8 - the opinion of an expert (page 102-103)
Brass Bulletin
Agenda (page 106-108)
Brass Bulletin
Competitions 2003 - 2007 (page 110-111)
Daryl Smith
25 tubas... 1 cimbasso - 20 years developing tubas while playing them (page 112-118)
Brass Bulletin
Equipment (page 120-121)
Brass Bulletin
Compact Discs (page 124-127)
Brass Bulletin
Music - Books (page 130-131)