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Brass Bulletin No 123 2003

Brass Bulletin N° 123, III - 2003

International Magazine for Brass Players

BB123 | English / French / German - CHF18.00 (Print)

Jean-Pierre Mathez
Editorial (page 007-011)
Brass Bulletin
In Brief (page 014-019)
Thomas Stevens
How does a moutpieve feel? (page 020-021)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Edward H. Tarr - Scholar and troubadour of the trumpet (page 026-041)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Lester Remsen - A career of rigour and probity (page 044-047)
Dai Zhonghui
The youthful history of brass in China (page 050-058)
Avishai Kallai
Joachim Eggert (1779-1813) - Trombone Pioneer (page 060-061)
Irmtraud Tarr
Beads of sweat and shivers of pleasure (page 070-073)
Brass Bulletin
Agenda (page 074-074)
Brass Bulletin
Competitions 2003 - 2007 (page 076-077)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
René Spada - “So why couldn’t it be done better?” (page 080-088)
Jeremy Mathez
Andreas Jungwirth - Maker of Horns the traditional way (page 092-096)
Brass Bulletin
Equipment (page 098-099)
Brass Bulletin
Compact Discs (page 102-105)
Brass Bulletin
Music - Books (page 106-107)

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