Brass Bulletin No 14 1976
Brass Bulletin
N° 14, II - 1976
International Magazine for Brass Players
Brass Bulletin
14, II - 1976

Out of print

Author Title Page
I.h.e.m. Montreux The first international brass congress - Special edition
Jean-Pierre Mathez Editorial 02
Jean-Pierre Mathez J.B.ARBAN [1825-1889] Biography VI - The last years of his life 03-07
Willi Gohl Compopser-Interpreter-Teacher-Student 08-12
Peter Damm Why pretend to be Mozart? Reply to B. Krol 13-15
Thomas Everett A brief glimpse at the USSR 16-18
Jean-Pierre Mathez A talk with Rolf Quinque 19-21

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