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Brass Bulletin No 19 1977
Brass Bulletin
N° 19, III - 1977
International Magazine for Brass Players
Brass Bulletin, International Magazine for Brass Players
19, III - 1977

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Author Title Page
Jean-Pierre Mathez Editorial 03-06
David Hickman Herbert L. CLARKE [1867-1945] - Crucial Years II 19-26
Jean Douay The trombone in Maurice Ravel's Bolero 29-30
Roger Bobo From the pen of R.B. 30-31
Daniel D. Stancil Use of a spectral model in developing concepts of tuba timbre 33-43
Dr. Michel G. Corti Hygienics of the teeth 45-49
Hans-Joachim Krumpfer Problems of teaching methods in brass instruction 51-58

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