Brass Bulletin No 22 1978
Brass Bulletin
N° 22, II - 1978
International Magazine for Brass Players
Brass Bulletin
22, II - 1978
210 cm x 265 cm

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Author Title Page
Barrie Perrins Some thoughts on the euphonium and euphonium technique 09-18
Peter Damm On the question of articulation in the horn concertos by W.A. Mozart 19-25
David Hickman Herbert L. CLARKE [1867-1945] - His Career IV 27-32
Jeffrey Agrell Zen and the art of horn playing I 33-38
Werner Beyer Reminiscence of trombonists of the past 37-44
Irving Bush A viewpoint of professional trumpet playing in the United States 45-52
Heinrich Thein The contrabass trombone I 53-60
G. OrvidS. Riaouzov Mikhail I.TABAKOV [1877-1958] - Founder of the Soviet trumpet school 61-70
Michel Ricquier Breathing and the physiologial mask 71-74

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