Brass Bulletin No 25 1979
Brass Bulletin
N° 25, I - 1979
International Magazine for Brass Players
Brass Bulletin
25, I - 1979
21 cm x 26,5 cm

Out of print

Author Title Page
Roger Bobo Tuba/Euphonium Symposium - Los Angeles 1978 19-22
Jean-Pierre Mathez Maurice ANDRE - Biography [Interview] II 27-39
Dr. Herbert Heyde Early history of valves and valve instr. in Germany [1814-1833] II 41-50
Werner Beyer Classical solo concerto for trombone and its interpreters in the 19th c. 51-55
Tommy Johnson A guide to commercial tuba playing in the Los Angeles area 56-58
Jeffrey Agrell Dreams and wihses [concerning horn and horn playing] 59-62
Barrie Perrins What is a Brass Band? 63-70

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