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Brass Bulletin No 33 1981

Brass Bulletin N° 33

International Magazine for Brass Players

Out of print

Jean-Pierre Mathez
Editorial [10 Years BB] (page 03)
Jeffrey Agrell
The first european horn symposium (page 13-16)
Dr. Emilie Mende
Dr.h.c.BERNOULLI [1904-1980] - Necrology of a great collector (page 22-23)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
EMPIRE BRASS QUINTET - Portrait in brief (page 27-28)
John Davies
Brass and Strings: A note on personality types among musicians (page 33-40)
Thomas Stevens
The trumpet in the US: Gadgets II (page 41)
Roger Bobo
Arnold JACOBS - Interview I (page 43-50)
James Stamp
Practical Hints IV (page 51)
Michel Ricquier
The subsconscious, a useful friend (page 53-58)
Christopher Leuba
A study of musical intonation II (page 59-67)
Emile Ferron
Harmonics or partials? (page 69)
Dr. Emilie Mende
Book presentation: Musical life in Antiquity... by F. Behn (page 87-97)