Brass Bulletin No 34 1981

Brass Bulletin

N° 34, II - 1981

International Magazine for Brass Players
BB034 - English / French / German

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Jean-Pierre Mathez
Editorial (page 03)
Christopher Leuba
A study of musical intonation (page 05-12)
Deborah M. Olsen
Music in an American Frontier Communal Society I (Aurora Colony) (page 13-22)
Sergej Gorovoj
Viktor VENGLOWSKI: Musician and Teacher (page 23-26)
James Stamp
Practical Hints V (page 27)
William F. Cramer
Blowing as a body function (page 29-36)
Roger Bobo
Arnold JACOBS - Interview II [End] (page 37-44)
Emile Ferron
Instrument Making and the Ear (page 45-50)
Uwe Schwandt
Herpes labialis [lip sores] - A brass players' affliction (page 51-54)
Max Sommerhalder
Working with the Posaunenchor (page 55-59)
Dr. Emilie Mende
Comments: Dr. Kurt Taut, The Beginnings of Hunt Music (page 73-76)
Brass Bulletin, International Magazine for Brass Players
34, II - 1981