Brass Bulletin No 35 1981

Brass Bulletin

N° 35, III - 1981

International Magazine for Brass Players
BB035 - English / French / German

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Jean-Pierre Mathez
Editorial (page 03)
Benny Sluchin
Playing and singing simultaneously on brass instruments (page 05-11)
Dr. Robert Reifsnyder
A Short History of the Euphonium in America (page 13-21)
Anatoly Barantsev
Vitaly BUJANOWSKY - The world's Golden Horn (page 23-31)
K. A. Wilke
The Haydn Trumpet Concerto 1796-1996 I (page 33-40)
David P. Searfoss
The Audition System: Why American Musicians Emigrate (page 41-48)
Fujio Nakayama
Japanese painting from the 18th century (page 44-45)
Deborah M. Olsen
Music in an American Frontier Communal Society II (page 49-58)
Albert Hiller
The Trumpet in the Works of J.-Ph. Rameau (page 59-66)
James Stamp
Practical Hints VI (page 67)
Brass Bulletin, International Magazine for Brass Players
35, III - 1981