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Brass Bulletin No 36 1981

Brass Bulletin N° 36

International Magazine for Brass Players

Out of print

Jean-Pierre Mathez
Editorial [International competitions - Time, a perishable commodity...] (page 03-06)
John Goodwin
Brass instrument research at Surrey University [GB] (page 08-17)
Benny Sluchin
Playing and singing simultaneously on brass instruments II (page 18-25)
Jeffrey Agrell
Interview with Hans Pizka (page 26-31)
K. A. Wilke
The Haydn Trumpet Concerto II (page 34-41)
James Stamp
Practical Hints VII (page 45)
Martin Engelbrecht
Trumpetmakers [Augsburg ca 1740] cooper-plate (page 48-49)
Howard Weiner
The trombone: changing times, changing slide positions (page 52-63)
Deborah M. Olsen
Music in an American Frontier Communal Society III (page 64-77)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Rudolf KELTERBORN [*1931] Portrait + Esquisse, 1981, for 4 horns (page FC)