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Brass Bulletin No 37 1982
Brass Bulletin
N° 37, I - 1982
International Magazine for Brass Players
Brass Bulletin, International Magazine for Brass Players
37, I - 1982

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Author Title Page
Jean-Pierre Mathez EDITORIAL 04-05
Thomas Stevens The Confidence Pill 08-09
Herman Jeurissen De Midwinterhoorn' - The Midwinter Horn 11-13
Viktor Sumerkin P.N.VOLKOV [1877-1933]1.trombone professor at St.Petersburg Conservatory 15-18
Benny Sluchin Playing and singing simultaneously on brass instruments III (End) 20-28
K. A. Wilke The Haydn Trumpet Concerto III End 30-38
Rolf Quinque ASA-Method - ASA-Technic 45-46
Benny Sluchin The Annual Competitions of the Paris Conservatoire 47-48
P. KennyJohn Davies The Measurement of Mouthpiece Pressure 50-54
Heinz Burum My Experiences with colleagues and pupils I 58-67
Philip Jones 1981 Geneva International Competition 79-81
Jean-Pierre Mathez David SAMPSON [*1951 USA] Portrait + Flight, 1982, for 3 trumpets FC

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