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Brass Bulletin No 39 1982

Brass Bulletin N° 39

International Magazine for Brass Players

Out of print

Jean-Pierre Mathez
Editorial (page 04-05)
Ursula Menzel
Early Brass Instruments and Restoration (page 06-12)
K. A. Wilke
James STAMP - Subtle teaching (page 14-21)
Dr. med. Wilfried Buck
A Miracle Pill for Stage Fright? (page 23-25)
Daniel Bourgue
The French Hunting horn, its history, its technique and its music (page 26-38)
Sue Scott
The Streiwieser Foundation Historic Trumpet Museum [USA] (page 39-43)
Jacques Poncet
The hunting horn (page 45-47)
Jean Gotthold
Thoughts on the Bass Trombone (page 49-51)
Albert Hiller
Jean-Baptiste PRIN - A tromba marine virtuoso (page 53-58)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Jean FRANCAIX [*1912 -F] Portrait + La Météo, 1982, for ens08 (3311) (page FC)