Brass Bulletin No 40 1982
Brass Bulletin
N° 40, IV - 1982
International Magazine for Brass Players
Brass Bulletin
40, IV - 1982

Out of print

Author Title Page
Dr. Christian Baechler Nerves, Pills and Doping 04-09
Jean-Pierre Mathez Editorial 11-12
Jean-Pierre Mathez Yamaha - an ambitious giant 14-24
Edgar Bürger Mouthpiece pressure in Horn Playing 27-31
Max TheinHeinrich Thein Alto Trombone - New Models 33
Peter Hirsbrunner The history of the big York-Hirsbrunner Tuba 34-39
Jeffrey Agrell Jazz and the Horn 41-45
Fujio Nakayama Japanese watercolour [tp? early 18th century] 45a-48a
Anatoly Barantsev Akim A. KOZLOV - A Trombone Artist 46-52
Ch. Bernsdorff-Engelbrecht Horn and Harp 54-57
Jack Holland An Introduction to In Tune, the Scale of Just Intonation 58-64
Jean-Pierre Mathez Albert BENZ [*1927-199?-CH]Portrait + Swiss Mountain Idyl, Brass Quintet FC

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