Brass Bulletin No 43 1983

Brass Bulletin

N° 43, III - 1983

International Magazine for Brass Players
BB043 - English / French / German

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Jean-Pierre Mathez
EDITORIAL (page 05-07)
Stephen J. Weston
The untimely demise of the ophicleide (page 10-17)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Brass Players in Rome (page 18-24)
Thomas Aitken
At the Sign of the Serpent-Tony Bingham, Antik-shop f. brass instruments (page 26-32)
Peter Damm
Ornaments in 18th-century horn concertos? II (page 34-43)
Michel Laplace
The Trumpet and the Cornet in Jazz and Popular Music II (page 44-65)
Thomas Stevens
The Trumpet in the U.S. [diverse makers] (page 67-68)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
J. HASELBACH [*1931 CH] Portrait + Esquisse, 1982, for ens 03 ( (page FC)
Brass Bulletin, International Magazine for Brass Players
43, III - 1983