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Brass Bulletin No 45 1984

Brass Bulletin N° 45, I - 1984

International Magazine for Brass Players

Out of print

Jean-Pierre Mathez
EDITORIAL (page 08-09)
Pierre Trichet
On the Sackbut or Harmonic Trumpet [excerpts from: Traité... ca 1640]' (page 10-12)
Michel Laplace
Young Man With A Horn' - Harry James (1916 1983)' (page 14-17)
Perl Benjamin
Brass in the Operas of Berlioz (page 18-30)
Klaus-K. Hübler
The Polyphonic Trombone: A suggested notation system (page 31-33)
Jeffrey Agrell
Jazz and the Horn: Portrait of Thomas BACON (page 34-37)
Michel Laplace
The Trumpet and the Cornet in Jazz and Popular Music IV (page 38-44)
Peter Damm
Ornaments in 18-th century horn concertos? IV - end (page 46-54)
Uwe Schwandt
Qui novi? [What's New?] (page 55-56)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Albert CALVAYRAC - Portrait (page 58-60)
Thomas Aitken
A major chamber music work for brass: Quintet, by Peter Maxwell DAVIES (page 62-65)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Ivan JEVTIC [*1947] Portrait + Madrigal Serbe, 1983, for Brass Quintet (page FC)