Brass Bulletin No 48 1984
Brass Bulletin
N° 48, IV - 1984
International Magazine for Brass Players
Brass Bulletin
48, IV - 1984

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Author Title Page
Jean-Pierre Mathez Editorial 03
Michel Laplace Edna WHITE (*1892) - A Woman and a Life in the Service of the Trumpet 10-16
Sergej Gorovoj Some ways of improving the development of the lips in brass players 17-19
Jean-Pierre Mathez Editorial - Hungary 23
Jean-Pierre Mathez BARCS 1984 - First International Brass Ensemble Competition 24-29
Albert MertensPhilip JonesTimofey Dokschidser International Trumpet Competition, Budapest 1984 30-37
Jean-Pierre Mathez Musical Education and social status of brass musicians in Hungary 38-39
Jean-Pierre Mathez National hungarian music center 40-41
Frigyes Varasdy Brass Chamber Music in Hungary 42-47
Jean-Pierre Mathez The most beautiful instrumentsof the National and Military Museums 48-61
Leo Kappel The Trumpets in the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest 64-70
Pierre Trichet On the Crumhorn [excerpt from Traité...' 1640]' 71-73
Uwe Wolf On record reviews. Is criticism constructive? Objective? 75-77
Ninck Blok Inventor's corner: correcting its own mouthpiece 99-100
Jean-Pierre Mathez H.L. SCHILLING [*927 D] Portrait + Salutation, for Brass Quintet FC