Brass Bulletin No 49 1985
Brass Bulletin
N° 49, I - 1985
International Magazine for Brass Players
Brass Bulletin
49, I - 1985

Out of print

Author Title Page
Jean-Pierre Mathez Editorial 09-11
Wolfgang Suppan Amateur wind-band repertoire in Central Europa since 1950 13-30
Pierre Trichet On Trumpets [Excerpt from: Traitié...' 1640]' 31-33
Jeffrey Agrell Steve LEWIS,Hornmaker: Old World Craftsmanship plus New World Technology 36-39
Edward H. Tarr Handel Horn Duo located in South America 41-44
Michel Laplace Jabbo SMITH (*1908) - The Unrecognised Jazz Trumpeter 47-50
Bertrand Charles D'Entraygues Cacophony in A flat. Aquarelle, Paris, around 1875. 54-55
Anonyme Belgian Cavalry Trumpeters. Lithography, 1893. 59
William F. Cramer Fundamental trombone performance technique: teaching and application 61-71
Marcel Hollenstein Interview with Timofey Dokschidzer 73-79
Jeffrey Agrell Overlays and bonding: new dental aids for brass players 80-86
Thomas Aitken Ernest HALL (1890-1984) - Portrait 87-89