Brass Bulletin No 52 1985
Brass Bulletin
N° 52, IV - 1985
International Magazine for Brass Players
Brass Bulletin
52, IV - 1985

Out of print

Author Title Page
Edouard Gros How and why I became a musician III 13-14
Jean-Pierre Mathez Editorial 13-14
Stephan Suter Instrument Makers in USA V - Lawson Horns 15-19
Michel Laplace The trombone in Jazz and Popular Music III 20-28
Taku Satoh Salvation Army in Japan 30-34
William F. Cramer Valsalva Maneuver - Why? 36-38
Raymond Fonseque Good intonation on the trombone 47-52
Anonyme The Tory Band, lithography, 2nd half of 19th century 54-55
Anonyme The Art of the Musical Instrument Maker 1: The trumpet [excerpts] 57-59
E. Toplas Litho ['Le Monde Illustré, Paris pendant les jours gras,1873] 60
Jeffrey Agrell Jazz and the Horn - John CLARK interviewed by Tom Varner 61-65
Benny Sluchin Trombone workshops 67-69
Albert Hiller The Unusual Trumpet in the Nürnberg Transport Museum 72-73
Hans-Joachim Drechsler Individuality and Uniformity in Brass Players 74-78
Jean-Pierre Mathez The powdered tuba or the strange illness of Stanley Cooper 81-82
Stephan Suter Instrument Makers in USA IV - S.W.Lewis Orchestral Horns 90-94
Anonyme Angel blowing a horn, woodcarving, Spain 17th c. [ca 90cm wide] I