Brass Bulletin No 54 1986
Brass Bulletin
N° 54, II - 1986
International Magazine for Brass Players
Brass Bulletin
54, II - 1986

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Author Title Page
Jean-Pierre Mathez Editorial 03-04
Edward H. Tarr The coiled Hunting Instrument by J.W. Haas in Bad Säckingen 08-22
Jeffrey Agrell Jazz and the Horn: interview with Dale Clevenger [by Steve Lewis] 104-107
Jean-Pierre Mathez Brass Techniques: The Brain 24-27
Robert Ischer Sophrology and Music 29-36
Markus Stockhausen The mute belt 38-45
Thomas Aitken British brass players training 48-59
Michio Sugihara The Oldest Concert Band in Japan 62-64
Benny Sluchin Frenquency and Pitch 66-67
Edouard Gros How and why I became a musician V 69-73
Stephan Suter Instrument making in USA VIII - Getzen 75-78
Karl Hachenberg Points and areas of corrosion in brass instruments 99-102
Jean-Pierre Mathez Sumo-Fighter and Tuba [Photography] I