Brass Bulletin No 57 1987
Brass Bulletin
N° 57, I - 1987
International Magazine for Brass Players
Brass Bulletin
57, I - 1987

Out of print

Author Title Page
Jean-Pierre Mathez Editorial 03-05
Anonyme F. Besson Musical Instruments woodcut, England 1885 112
Thomas Stevens Can jazz performance be taught? A profile of Charlie Shoemake 13-19
René CausséeBenny Sluchin Mutes for brass instruments 20-39
Dr. Klaus Winkler Trombone and organ: a dialog II [end] 41-49
Beryl Kenyon De Pascual José de Juan Martínez's tutor for the circular hand-stopped tp [1830] 50-65
Anonyme The tile with the timpanist - Tile of the 18th c., Spain [Valencia] 56-57
Peter Damm Did Bach write the corne part in B min Mass for G. Reiche? II 67-79
Phyllis StorkJohn Stork Dr Mouthpiece - Resistance and the brass player 7-11
Jean-Pierre Mathez Brass Techniques: Breathing 80-81
Michel Laplace Tubas in jazz and popular music II (end) 84-88
Anonyme Royal Garde Music of Bayern [Lithography, Munich, 1840] I