Brass Bulletin No 60 1987
Brass Bulletin
N° 60, IV - 1987
International Magazine for Brass Players
Brass Bulletin
60, IV - 1987

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Author Title Page
Jean-Pierre Mathez Editorial 03-07
Jean-Pierre Mathez The Miracle Mouthpiece - A Christmas story 11-14
Jean-Pierre Mathez Brass Techniques: The eyes 116-118
Jean-Pierre Mathez Markneukirchen musical instrument museum 21-27
Jean-Pierre Mathez VEB, Markneukirchen - A tour of the factory and workshops in pictures 28-32
Jean-Pierre Mathez Brass instruments from Markneukirchen 3-7
Peter Damm The horn in the GRD - a chat with Peter Damm 33-37
Bert Noglik Conrad and Johann Bauer, two trombone players 38-40
Ludwig Güttler An interview with Ludwig Güttler 41-43
Jean-Pierre Mathez Hans-Joachim Krumpfer or: teaching as a vocation 45-46
Phyllis StorkJohn Stork Dr Mouthpiece - Flesh Meets Metal II: Rim width 47-49
Jean-Pierre Mathez Instrument makers in Europe: Kalison, Milano 52-64
Jean-Pierre Mathez Maurice André... Better than ever! 66-72
Jean-Pierre Mathez Bernard Soustrot - portrait 76-79
Charlie Shoemake Jazz improvisation III: the melodic minor scale 82-85

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