Brass Bulletin No 61 1988
Brass Bulletin
N° 61, I - 1988
International Magazine for Brass Players
Brass Bulletin
61, I - 1988

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Author Title Page
Thomas Stevens U.S.A. Profile - Bob Malone 103
Jean-Pierre Mathez Editorial 23-27
Jean-Pierre Mathez Empire Brass Quintet - Th road to success 30-36
Jean-Pierre Mathez Trumpets of the future: Ole E. Antonsen and Gérard Métrailler 38-43
Jean-Pierre Mathez Gregory CASS [*1952] - Horn and soul 44-47
Margaret Downie Banks Blechblasinstrumente des 19. Jhd im Shrine to Music' Museum Vermillion' 50-59
Jean-Pierre Mathez Kurt Laberer, instrument maker in Munich 60-61
Benny Sluchin The alto trombone [I] 70-75
Jean-Pierre Mathez Hakan HARDENBERGER [*1961] - The conquest of the future 76-79
Jean-Pierre Mathez Trio Millière - Brass players, a family story 82-85
Robert Coutet Periodontal disease in brass players 88-90
Phyllis StorkJohn Stork Dr Mouthpiece - Flesh Meets Metal III: The rim, the rime bite 91-92
Jean-Pierre Mathez Brass Technqiues: Arms, hands, fingers 94-96
Charlie Shoemake Jazz improvisation IV: the melodic minor scale 98-101
Ch. J. Travies De Villers Serpent (Drawing) I