Brass Bulletin No 66 1989

Brass Bulletin

N° 66, II - 1989

International Magazine for Brass Players
BB066 - English / French / German
BB066ie - Italiano / Español

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Michael Lind
Palmer TRAULSEN - a great master of the Scandinavian trombone school (page 11-13)
Julio Briseño
Five centuries of bands in Mexico (page 18-23)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
A story of the heart...(Timofey Dokschidzer) (page 24-27)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Eric Aubier, unveiling of a great talent (page 32-37)
Hans Boschma
Breathing (page 40-43)
Vitali Bujanovsky
Franz (Frantisek) Schollar and the Russian school of horn playing (page 46-51)
Branimir Slokar
In search of a new trombone (page 52-55)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Stanko ARNOLD - A Trumpeter, a great talent (page 57-59)
Michel Laplace
Does Jazz still have a soul? (page 64-70)
Heinz Klose
Interview with Paul SPÖRRI (page 72-79)
Brass Bulletin, International Magazine for Brass Players
66, II - 1989