Brass Bulletin No 68 1989

Brass Bulletin

N° 68, IV - 1989

International Magazine for Brass Players
BB068 - English / French / German
BB068ie - Italiano / Español

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Jean-Pierre Mathez
Editorial (page 13-17)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
David Taylor or a high class bass trombone (page 18-24)
André Bellis
Pierre Pollin, One of the greats of the French trumpet (page 26-31)
Ernest H. Gross
Influence of Berlioz on contemporary use of brass instruments II (page 34-44)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Madrid Expomusica 1989 (page 46-49)
Robert Ricks
Heinrich Domnich [1767-1844] (page 54-58)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
A brief survey of the historical evolution of our instruments... I (page 60-69)
Jeffrey Agrell
Richard TODD - Jazz and the Horn - interview (page 70-73)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Itaru Oki, surrealist of the trumpet (page 74-76)
Brass Bulletin, International Magazine for Brass Players
68, IV - 1989