Brass Bulletin No 70 1990

Brass Bulletin

N° 70, II - 1990

International Magazine for Brass Players
BB070 - English / French / German
BB070ie - Italiano / Español

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Jean-Pierre Mathez
Editorial (page 11-14)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Stephen Burns, Talent on the lookout (page 16-19)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Roger Bobo, Poet of the Tuba (page 22-29)
Nassim Maalouf
The arab Trumpet II - Brass in the Middle East (page 30-35)
Edward H. Tarr
Neruda's Concerto for Horn (or trumpet) (page 36-45)
Michel Laplace
Valaida Snow, Queen of the trumpet (page 48-50)
Johann-Michael Künne
The church concert - Story of a discovery (page 52-53)
Jean Douay
André Lafosse [1890-1975] - Master of trombone (page 56-60)
Ernest H. Gross
The Influence of Berlioz on contemporary use of Brass Instruments (IV) (page 62-67)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Bernhard Krol [*1920], Composer (page 70-76)
Beryl Kenyon De Pascual
Brass instruments in the Museo de la Musica in Barcelona (page 78-84)
Brass Bulletin, International Magazine for Brass Players
70, II - 1990