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Brass Bulletin No 72 1990

Brass Bulletin N° 72, IV - 1990

International Magazine for Brass Players

Reference: BB072
BB072 | English / French / German

Jean-Pierre Mathez
Editorial (page 05-06)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Bremen - International trumpet festival (page 12-17)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
International Competition - Geneva opens the door to the Tuba (page 20-25)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Floyd Cooley [*1948] - Tuba of the San Francisco Symphony (page 26-31)
J. Richard Raum
The Alto Trombone I (page 36-42)
Emil Hermann
Carnival of Venice' at the age of more than 125!' (page 44-45)
Thomas Stevens
The Minute counter! (page 48-50)
Peter Damm
Staatskapelle of Dresden - Long Orchestral tradition (page 52-54)
Patrice Sciortino
Tubes-Tritones-Tesis II - Reflections (page 55-57)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Villars Open Trumpet Academy - Trumpets of the year 2000 (page 58-61)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Peter Damm [*1937] - For the love of music (page 62-75)
Jan Trojan
Christmas brass playing in Bohemia and Moravia (page 7-11)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Jan KOETSIER - Composer for the glory of the brasses (page 78-86)