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Brass Bulletin No 80 1992

Brass Bulletin N° 80, IV - 1992

International Magazine for Brass Players

Reference: BB080
BB080 | English / French / German

Jean-Pierre Mathez
Editorial (page 03-05)
Armin Suppan
The Vienna horn and the Vienna sound (page 28-46)
Elisabeth Anzenberger-Ramminger
Men's chorus and winds (page 48-49)
Franz Kerschbaumer
Brasses in Jazz in Austria (page 51-)
Wolfgang Suppan
Rudolf JOSEL [*1939] - Austrian trombone master (page 56-62)
Wolfgang Suppan
The rich tradition of Brass playing in Austria (page 6-23)
Dr. Friedrich Anzenberger
Trumpet methods of the 19th century (page 65-67)
Müller-Guttenbrunn, H. Brenner
Hans GANSCH - The courage of candor (page 68-73)
Thomas Hochradner
Wooden instruments in the band of Mühlbach (Austria) (page 74-76)
Josef Pöschl
Brief history of austrian hunting horn music (page 77-80)
Dr. Friedrich Anzenberger
Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna (page 82-89)