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Brass Bulletin No 84 1993
Brass Bulletin
N° 84, IV - 1993
International Magazine for Brass Players
Brass Bulletin, International Magazine for Brass Players
84, IV - 1993

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Author Title Page
Jean-Pierre Mathez Editorial 03-07
Robert L. Watt Clifford BROWN [1930-1956] - a brief but full life 26-35
Jean-Pierre Mathez Hermann BAUMANN [*1934] - Lesson of the master 38-41
Jean-Pierre Mathez Passau - 3rd international competition for brass ensembles 42-45
Jean-Pierre Mathez David BRUCHEZ, 18 years old, music in his blood, trombone under his arm 46-51
Heinrich Thein On the French School of horn playing 54-61
Kamel Haddag Kiev Post 64-65
Carlo Arfinengo The Neatores' of the Triumphal Arch of Augustus at Susa (Italy)' 68-71
Jean-Pierre Mathez Vinko GLOBOKAR [*1934] - The Rebel 76-89
Jean-Pierre Mathez Natural Horn, an amazing renaissance - Int.Natural Horn Festival, Essen 8-22
Robert Meissner DSA - Digital tuning analysis by computer 92-95

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