Brass Bulletin No 91 1995
Brass Bulletin
N° 91, III - 1995
International Magazine for Brass Players
Brass Bulletin
91, III - 1995

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Author Title Page
Roland Schnohrk Toulon 1995 - International trombone competition 12-17
Dr. Toshio Nemoto The use of muscles in playing wind instruments (II) 19-23
Brendan Collins Australian Brass Band Rules Britannia in 1924 26-33
Ludwig Güttler The corno da caccia in the music of J. S. Bach 26-33
Jean-Pierre Mathez Editorial 3-9
Jean-Pierre Mathez Survey - Thomas Stevens 50-57
Rosario Macaluso School of trumpet in Liège - IV (end) 60-72
J. Richard Raum Interview- Christian Lindberg 74-84
Mag. Gerhard Zechmeister United Philharmonic Orchestra Wien - A tonal concept unites the brass section 86-89
Jean-Pierre Mathez Development of a new trombone - Branimir Slokar 92-96

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